quick and short:


about this site:

This website is meant to be a useful work of art showing you the beauty of macro photography. It is not just about the pictures, it is about the idea behind these pictures - the spirit of analysing things which can give you more information when you just have a closer look at them.

about the pictures:

The pictures displayed on this website are strongly compressed and sized down from a resolution of 4368x2912 px to 800x533 px to be shown on your computer. I took these pictures with a Canon Eos 5D and Tamron 180mm 3,5 Di Macro lens. They are optimized for large prints. If you are interested in my pictures, feel free to contact me. I'm always open-minded about new projects, ideas or comments.

since I was asked to show you the difference between the web-pictures and the one with the real resolution I made this example:

Thumbnail <- the little picture you see in preview  ( 0,056 mb )

Web-picture <- the bigger version which is displayed if you click on the thumbnail  ( 0,573 mb )

Original Size <- the real resolution  ( 16,288 mb )


 Marcus Hoffmann (c) 2007